How to Care for a Newly Replaced Windshield

The first step to caring for a newly replaced windshield is to keep it clean. This is particularly important after the replacement because a dirty dashboard can cause the new auto glass to pop out or move. You should also keep the dashboard clean for at least two days after the repair. Avoid driving under the sun, which will also affect the glass’s cure. It is a good idea to leave the window slightly cracked for a few days after the replacement.

After your new windshield is installed, it is important to make sure that you don’t put too much stress on it. A little extra air pressure will put too much stress on the new molding. You should roll down the windows slowly to prevent excess pressure. After the installation, be sure not to slam the doors for at least an hour after installation. Then, you can begin using your vehicle.

For the First Hour After Windshield Replacement

Once the windshield is installed, you must wait 24 hours before driving it. Don’t use the car for the first few days. Don’t run your wipers or open doors with a loud bang. And don’t drive for a few days, as the adhesive could become weaker. After the installation, you can only drive the car for two hours. During that time, be sure not to run the wipers or use any other harsh materials that can scratch the new windshield.

Time to Wait to Drive the Vehicle

Once your new windshield is installed, you should wait at least 24 to 48 hours before driving it. During this time, you should avoid slamming doors or bumping over potholes. You should also avoid driving over rocky or bumpy roads. If you are going to drive a new windshield in the next few days, you should avoid driving your car for at least eight hours. After eight hours, the adhesive is not strong enough to keep the glass in place. After eight full-drying, you can drive normally, leaving one window cracked.

You must also avoid jarring roads or slamming doors. These can create an uneven seal and can cause the windshield to crack. You should always roll down your window after the installation. If you have to drive, roll it down at least an inch. After installing the new windshield, you should apply retention tape on the new moldings to prevent leaks. This will protect the seal and ensure it will remain in place for a few days.

Keep The Retention Tape

Once the windshield is installed, you should not remove it. Retain the retention tape around the molding to prevent it from coming off. It will help keep the new windshield in place while it dries. If you have just had it repaired, you should wait 24 hours to make sure it’s still attached to the car. Then, it is time to drive safely. The tape will have cured and you can use it to remove it.

To prevent any further damage, keep the windshield away from the water and avoid driving the car for a few days. The adhesives will dry quickly and form a waterproof seal between the new windshield and the car frame, but you should avoid driving it for at least 24 hours. If you’re not sure how long you should wait, you should leave the retention tape on the windshield until it has completely cured.

Stay Away from Car Washes for a Bit

After a windscreen replacement, it’s important to follow a few simple tips to prolong the life of the new windshield. You should keep the area clean, but make sure to avoid power washers and car washes until the adhesive has had time to dry and set. Remember, the first few hours after the replacement are the most crucial to the new windshield’s durability. This is because the adhesive needs time to set and dry after the installation.

It’s important to avoid the sun after the windshield has been replaced. After the installation, you should avoid driving for the first few hours. The adhesive will have to dry for 24 hours, so be sure to wait at least one hour after the windshield has been installed. During this time, it’s essential to avoid the car for at least a day to prevent shards of glass from coming into contact with the windshield.

Windshield Replacement Experts in Your Area

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